Greenland Tours - Iceberg Safari, Whale watching, Fishing & Hunting, Dance & cultural experiences

Services and Prices

We are a small company speciallized in customized and tailor-made private tours, who makes your experience unforgettable!
Go to Icefjord Boat Tour

Icefjord Boat Tour

Your private 3 hours’ tour to World Heritage Icefjord!

Price : 6600kr

Go to Whale Watching Boat Safari

Whale Watching Boat Safari

Watch wild whales around the glaciers from your private boat! (4 hours)

Price: 8800kr

Go to Ice Fishing Tour

Ice Fishing Tour

Catch the fish under the thick ice! North pole cods are waiting for you. You can ask your hotel to cook and serve your fish. (3 hours) Price includes fishing gears.

Price: 6600kr plus fishinggear 100kr per person

Go to Discovery tours to small villages

Discovery tours to small villages

Boat tour to discover real Greenlandish culture. Visit the villages of Ilimanaq or Oqaatsut. (6 hours)

Price: 13200kr

Hunting tour

Hunt raindeers and seals and experience Greenlandic way of living (3 hours).

Price: 8000kr (including licence fee)

Greenlandic Drum Dance Show

Greenlandic traditional drum dance show! (1 hour)

Price: 2200kr

Sermermiut Hiking Tour

Hiking tour to Sermermiut, where you can see ice mountains floating on the ocean. (3 hours)

Price: 2000kr

Illulisat City Walking Tour

Introduction to Illulisat city, where you visit fish market and city museum all after your wish. (3 hours)

Price: 2000kr

Safe and Trustworthy – Licenced to welcome you onboard!

Martin and his boat are fully certified to welcome max 10 passengers / 1400kg onboard by IMCI.

Martin’s boat

Dynamic Nature in Greenland

Iceberg in Illulisat

Summer in Illulisat

Fjord in Illulisat

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Good Reasons to choose us

Safe, Trustworthy, Private, and Customized to your wish
All for your unforgettable experience in the amazing nature of Greenland

Nature in Greenland is hard, but spectacular! That is why you need Martin, our experienced, trustworthy, and service minded captain / guide to lead your journey to unforgettable memory, so special that nothing can be compared to!

  • Meet the poler whales

  • World heritage site, "must" experience!

  • Raindeers and Seals have been important part of Greenlandish culture.

  • Meet Greenlanders and experience culture.


Experienced and trusworthy team welcomes you to the unforgettable experiences in Greenland

Captain / Guide


Born and raised in Greenland by Greenlandish mother and Norwegian father. Studied in Denmark for some years. Love nature and culture in Greenland. Incredibly service minded.



Yoko Otsuka

Japanese / Danish / English speaking guide, who loves Greenland’s nature and culture!

Client service


Yoko Winther

Client service specialist. Authorised guide, interpreter, and coordinator in Copenhagen. Married to a Dane and has 3 children. Best friend of Martin’s life-partner.


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